Studio 4 concerts in March

za 19 mrt. 2022
Sonology students March 19th , Mark van den Heuvel (NL) and Pedro Augusto (PT), René Uijlenhoet March 25th
Studio 4 concerts in March

In March we are being treated with a varied program in the Studio 4 series again.

On Saturday March 19th Sonology students will present their work on the beautiful multi-channel sound system of the Institute of Sonology (The Hague)
Start at 20:30
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Six days after the sonology concert, Mark van den Heuvel (NL) and Pedro Augusto (PT) (photo above) will present their new music.
In December of 2021 Mark and Pedro worked in the Willem Twee Studios for a week.
It was for this occasional duo a long cherished dream to work with the test and measurement equipment from the fifties and the sixties in studio 1. As well as experimenting with this unique instrumentation, they had a clear objective; creating 'soundtracks' for four imaginary landscapes. How does, for instance, a floating lake, a synthetic swamp, a city in the future or nature on a far away planet sound?
With the recordings they created the compositions afterwards. Layer by layer. As how you would paint an imaginary landscape, but with sounds. Each composition with its own atmosphere, happenings, character, matter and (artificial) natural phenomena.
Illustrator Astrid Florentinus provided, after listening, the compositions with images. These images will be projected as part of the performance.
This project has been made possible by: Gemeente 's-Hertogenbosch and Programa Shuttle, Câmara Municipal do Porto.

The evening will start with recent electro acoustic work by Rene Uijlenhoet (photo source: René Uijlenhoet) on four speakers: Bouncing off (2021).
René: "Two composers speak about how their brain works when they invent new music. With sophisticated measurement equipment, for months, recordings were made by pulling giant levers, unwinding pulleys with dendrites, from where fragile connections between neurones originated. Impulses were fired 'till careful steps were taken and were given shape. The imaginative thoughts are oscillating for a long time, they swarm like bat echos, enclosed in a reverberating space. With the voices of Christine Cornwell and Jago Thornton"
René invents his music mostly in Utrecht and teaches electronic composition at Codarts, Rotterdam.


After the concert we have the Portugese DJ Vibe Official in the Foyer.
Vibe Official is one of the many alter-ego's by ZéZé Cordeiro (PT). Through the years he was a member of bands like Equations, José Pinhal Post-Mortem Experience and part of the organization of the Suave Geração open air concerts in Porto.
Currently he works for the Guruguru Brain label that is situated in Amsterdam.

Friday March 25th
Start at 20.30
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