Lijn 14 Live!

za 6 apr. 2024
Marieke van de Ven and Hans Kulk are presenting their release of 'Lijn 14' on April 12 at De Toonzaal
Lijn 14 Live!

On February 14, 2024, the digital version of "LIJN 14" was released, an album featuring electronic compositions by Marieke van de Ven and studio technician Hans Kulk. They created the basic sound material last year in Studio 1 of the Willem Twee Studios. With this collection of sound material, Marieke and Hans each composed three compositions.

"LIJN 14" is also released in an edition of 25 on cassette. Artist and fellow city resident Dineke van Oosten designed and handmade a special box for the cassette. To celebrate and present this release, Hans and Marieke will perform several compositions over six speakers at De Toonzaal on April 12. The cassette of "LIJN 14" will be available for purchase only during this evening.

"LIJN 14" has been mastered by Jos Smolders @ Earlabs, Tilburg.

The digital release can be found at: