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do 28 mrt 2019

The Fire Harvest

Muziek op Donderdag

locatie: concertzaal
zaal: Foyer

‘Muziek op Donderdag’ is dé wekelijkse muziekavond van Willem Twee Concertzaal. Laat je elke donderdag verrassen met steeds een andere band en uiteenlopende muziekstijlen. Live muziek, gezellig en altijd gratis!

In 2005 Gerben Houwer (We vs. Death) wrote the first The Fire Harvest song. After a first seven song EP in 2012 (Subroutine), two European tours and a Record Store Day split seven inch with Belgian band Reiziger, the Utrecht-based band changed from a side project to a priority.

In 2016 The Fire Harvest released their first album ‘Singing, Dancing, Drinking’ recorded by country artist Daniel Romano. Followed by several international tours. Late spring 2018 brought the band back to the studio together with Canadian songwriter, long time friend and touring buddy Michael Feuerstack.

The outcome, ‘Open Water’. A record that is stronger and more melodic, but still flirts with the desolate ambiance that makes The Fire Harvest an act on their own.

‘Open Water’ is scheduled for a release in march 2019 through Subroutine and Snowstar records.

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