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willem twee toonzaal
zo 14 feb

Stranger Than Paranoia

locatie: toonzaal
zaal: foyer + toonzaal

Stranger Than Paranoia avondprogramma

(i.s.m. Jazzwerkplaats Den Bosch, Willem Twee toonzaal, Stranger than Paranoia en stg. Van Kemenade)

19:30 uur
Prashant Samlal Quartet

Het Prashant Samlal Quartet is een avant-garde jazz quartet o.l.v. gitarist en componist Prashant Samlal. In hun originele composities verleggen zij muzikale grenzen, om op een eigen unieke manier met elkaar te improviseren. Met rijke harmonieën, complexe ritmes en ambient soundscapes worden er muzikale landschappen gecreëerd die de luisteraar meeneemt op avontuur. 

Samlal (gitaar) – Roel Hazendonk (piano) – Freek Mulder (basgitaar) – Mees Siderius (drums)

20:30 uur

Amsterdam based SMANDEM. proves that an incredible skill set and an openminded approach causes genre distinctions to blur into pure energy. Inspired by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Christian Scott and Wayne Shorter as well as Travis Scott and Drake, the four-friend-strong collective produces a sound that is deeply rooted into the jazz tradition, yet it doesn’t restrain to any style boundaries or formal etiquette. They strive forward and explore ways to marry their delicate ability with present-day popular music. With a strong friendship at core, their dynamic live-show effortlessly accelerates from lush harmonies into colorful mixtures of dense rhythms and fierce improvisation. Including features by Herbie Hancock flutist Elena Pinderhughes (USA) and NL based talent Pink Oculus, their debut EP called ‘Self-Titled.’ - set to release on Super-Sonic Records early 2021 - exemplifies best what this free-spirited mandem is up to.

SMANDEM. - consisting of Aäron Bouwman (Bass), David Nino van der Grinten (Keys), Rafael Devante Sinay (Guitar) and Kick Woudsta (Drums) - first met during their studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. They were quick to find out that they shared a similar perspective and were meant to play with each other. Their stunning synergy even got picked up by Kelly Coker, dean of New Yorks famous New School of Jazz and Contemporary, quoting; “There’s never a feeling of trying too hard and that made it an absolute joy to listen to you. You guys don’t sound like Weather Report, but feel like Weather Report”. Getting support from several local Amsterdam platforms such as Super-Sonic Jazz and the Keep An Eye Foundation, SMANDEM. sets out on a journey of becoming a vanguard in modern day music.

A philosophy that describes one the fundaments of the bands music and personalities is; “Tradition is a living thing. Not to be mistaken for history, which is a passive concept. To be alive means to develop, evolve and adapt which is exactly what we’re trying to do with our music.”

Aäron Bouwman (bas), David Nino van der Grinten (keys), Rafael Devante Sinay (gitaar), Kick Woudsta (drums)




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