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FAQ Festival


genre:Elektronische muziek
locatie: poppodium
zaal: Kleine Zaal + Grote Zaal + Spiegelzaal + Hangop

Elektronische muziek maakt een bijzonder deel uit van de muziek. Deze tak van het muziekleven heeft niet alleen een rol van belang gespeeld in de ontwikkeling van de klassiek-hedendaagse muziek, maar óók in de ontwikkeling van de popmuziek de afgelopen zestig jaren. En het is precies dit raakvlak tussen die twee delen van het muzikale veld waar het FAQ Festival zich op richt.

Met op zaterdag:

Dutch DJ and producer. I-F, short for Intrr-Ference, also known as Ferenc, Beverly Hills 808303. Affiliations: Murder Capital, the Hotmix cartel, The Parallax Corporation, the Viewlexx empire, Interdimensional Transmissions, Top Secret/Test Series; ties to Disko B, other covert recording outfits. Pushes product throughout the globe, specializes in stuttering 808s and throbbing basslines, and inspirational to the careers of countless electro acts on the come up. Headquartered in The Hague, Holland, known to have alliances with electro brokers in Rotterdam (southwestern Holland connection), known associate of Unit Moebius, the Bunker Records posse, and other black budget artistic projects.

His mission is simple: to make people listen to different music. It has lead him to create the disco music side-project The Parallax Corporation, his radio show at home, and his various labels to sponsor unknown producers.

Los Angeles producer Daedelus will prepare a special live show in the Willem Twee
studios for FAQ Festival.

Unit Moebius
Unit Moebius Anonymous is the act risen from the legendary techno band Unit Moebius, which is the keystone of the notorious Acid Planet days. Their influences are still to be heard in contemporary dance music and some of the greatest such as Aphex Twin claimed to be a fan!

After a hiatus of almost ten years a rebirth took place in 2007, when the key player of the band, Jan Duivenvoorden, started producing and playing live again.
It’s an absolute must for any techno fan to have witnessed a live performance by Unit Moebius Anonymous. His industrial yet spiritual live sets are from another planet.
Techno will never sound the same again!

Ross from friends
Taking lofi building blocks full of crackle and character and running them through his sampler Ross From Friends forms his own style of rough edged Techno that hits hard whilst carrying a distinctive sense of soul. From early experimental music to hip-hop sampling - even 80s Eurobeat and Hi-NRG helps to make up the comprehensive sound palette that Ross has the liberty of drawing from.

Tetris meets Pop. Adi Gelbart, mad Professor and brilliant scientist together in one person, combines the signals of his absurd analog-monster equipment to create a bi-polar thunderstorm shower of sounds. He reveals his experimental joy through juxtaposing and combining New Wave, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Prog Rock, and Musique Concrète sending the listener repeatedly to the brink of a musical psychosis.

Spatial Collective
Spatial is a collective existing of musicians, promoters, artists and designers based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the southern part of the Netherlands, focusing on underground electronic music.
On Saturday April 8th. Spatial Collective will promote a special afterparty in collaboration with FAQ Festival at Willem Twee Poppodium.






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