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Education (studios)

pictures: Yannick van de Wijngaert

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Our studios provide extensive educational possibilites for both students and scholars. In the past we’ve already had partnerships with several relevant Dutch institutes like AMPA, ArtEZ Media Music, HKU School of Music & Technology, AKV. St. Joost and the Institute for Sonology (Royal Conservatory). Students from these institutes follow courses, workshops and individual tailor made classes in our studios.

The educational possibilities in the studios mostly consist of lessons offered to HBO and WO students that follow courses such as composition, production and electronical sound. This also includes sounddesign for film and composition for multimedia. Even students from overlapping fields of study like the filmacademy, artacademy, theater and even the Higher Technical School and Technical University can follow courses in the studios.

In recent years our diverse foreign contacts have developed into active partnerships. With two Internationally renowned institutes (the EMS in Stockholm and the ICEM at the Folkwang Uni der Kunste in Essen) student exchanges and mutual residenties have been planned.


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