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We start of the coming year with a program consisting of one-day workshops on specific topics and a couple of introduction workshops:

6 feb. Introduction workshops (max. 2 participants)

Introduction to both of our studios; the instruments; studio structure; sounds; work method and off course you’ll be able to turn some knobs yourself!

1: Start: 11.00 until 14.00

2: Start: 15.00 until 18.00

30 jan. ARP 2500 / ARP 2600 special (max. 2 participants)

Introduction to the modules of both instruments, how they work, how they’re played and setting up simple and complex patches. You’ll off course be making some sounds yourselves as well!

Start: 11.00 until 17:00

30 jan. Experimental moving visuals using oscilloscopes (max. 2 participants)

How does an oscilloscope work, wich types are there and what was their orignal use; YT, ZY and XYZ techniques; which results with which signal sources. You’ll also be able to create some visuals of your own!

Start: 12.00 until 18:00

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