Get the Shot + Thrown + Ithaca

A sound akin to 90’s hardcore bands!
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Get the Shot + Thrown + Ithaca

Get The Shot

Hailing straight from Quebec City, Canada, GET THE SHOT plays an unpretentious spirited hardcore tinged with the desperation of a cold and disaffected youth. Fueled by integrity and strong beliefs, the five members have made more than what their community expected of them. In five years of existence, the band has four recordings to its credit, “In Fear We Stand”(2009)“Perdition”(2012)“No Peace In Hell”(2014) and “Infinite Punishment” and produced five videos.

They played more than 400 shows all across Cuba, Europe and North America: from self-managed squats to international festival concerts, touring alongside artists who have influenced them such as Bane ,Comeback Kid, Death Before Dishonor, Stick To Your Guns and Eighteen Visions.

Pulling off a sound akin to 90’s hardcore bands like Strife and Ringworm while incorporating elements of 80’strash metal, its latest achievement “Infinite Punishment”, is a dark and brooding record delivered with the distinctive ferocity and violent vigour of five disillusioned spirits who have nothing left to lose.

No fashion, no frills, no lies! GET THE SHOT is all about rage and anger toward this harsh place we live in.


Ithaca are one of the most exciting and vital voices in the UK heavy scene currently. Formed out of a mutual love of metallic hardcore but despair at its lack of ambition, Ithaca exist to challenge everything you thought a band that makes heavy music should look and sound like. A glitter-covered nail bomb, Ithaca seamlessly blend the brutality of Relapse Records metalcore with blackgaze, 90s industrial metal, 70s prog and even tinges of 80s power pop.

Their influences stretch beyond the musical-this album comes with a clear vision and aesthetic: drawing from members’ different ancestral heritage, queer/non-conforming identities and iconic figures in avant-garde, new wave and post-punk culture.


Presenting lyrics filled with anger and self-hatred, the 4-piece effectively blends intense and crushing guitars with catchy yet aggressive vocal rythms. Without warning thrown aims to become prominent with their modern take on heavy music.

With 'grayout' being the first step on making a new impression on the scene including the works of producer Buster Odeholm (who is also the drummer of the band) and music video director Lucas Englund (Parkway Drive, Architects) thrown brings their A to the game from day one and we're all here for it.

Vocalist Marcus Lundqvist is joined by Johan Liljeblad and Andreas Malm on guitars, and drummer Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta/Humanity's Last Breath) as thrown aim to spread their message of self-loathing through their mix of gut-punching Metalcore and anger-inciting Hardcore.

With ambition already pushing the band to seek out touring opportunities throughout 2022, it'll be no time before thrown have you singing a long and bursting all your energy in the pit at a live show.

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